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AEM provides a wide range of battery packs, including:


  • Dry-cell batteries
  • NiCd batteries/packs
  • PDA batteries
  • Mobile phone batteries
  • Two-way radio batteries
  • Camera batteries
  • NiMH batteries/packs
  • Sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Lithium polymer batteries/packs
  • Lithium ion batteries/packs

Smart Battery Pack technology.

When using rechargeable battery pack technology to run equipment that needs to be monitored for safety or other concerns.  When your application needs to have a highly accurate tracking of available charge and total battery life, Advanced Electronic Manufacturing has the solution.  Custom design is our specialty.  Please contact AEM for your battery pack design and manufacturing. 

Smart Battery Pack

The battery contains a smart module that provide the following functions:

  • Cell Balancing

  • Over-charge protection

  • Over-discharge protection

  • Over and under temperature protection

  • Capacity calculator (Coulomb counter)

  • 2-pin SMBus 2.0 Interface.

  • SMData 1.1 contains:

Remaining Capacity Alarm
Remaining Time Alarm

At Rate
At Rate Time to Full
At Rate Time to Empty
At Rate OK
Average Current
Max Error
Relative State of Charge
Absolute State of Charge
Remainder Capacity
Run Time to Empty
Average Time to Empty
Average Time to Full

Optional ROHS-compliance is available. Our continuous quality improvement process and quality control systems ensure delivery of products that meet or exceed your expectations.

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