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“Some of our products required reengineering, and AEM provided prototypes and finished products in an expedited manner and at competitive prices. Through its Design, Prototyping, and Contract Manufacturing Services in Asia, AEM has provided us with other products in a timely manner. The staff keeps our logistics departments advised of products stored at their warehouses, and they always meet or exceed their commitments. AEM is becoming an excellent strategic partner.”

David McAusland
Operation & Purchasing Administrator
Logical Choice Technologies

From creating prototypes to full design capabilities, the experts at AEM help ensure that your design will translate to a high-quality, reliable, cost-effective end product.

Our design engineers work with you to meet your specific needs for design help, supplementing your in-house staff or working with contract industrial designers when necessary. AEM is particularly adept at electro-mechanical design and electronics design, drawing on the extensive experience of our in-house electronics engineers.

We focus on ensuring process manufacturing reliability: starting with a functional, reliable design, and then using a manufacturing approach that optimizes the reliability of the finished product. By validating and testing the design and manufacturing process before full production begins, we streamline the process, reduce waste, improve cost-efficiency, and deliver end products of exceptional quality and reliability.

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