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“Some of our products required reengineering, and AEM provided prototypes and finished products in an expedited manner and at competitive prices. Through its Design, Prototyping, and Contract Manufacturing Services in Asia, AEM has provided us with other products in a timely manner. The staff keeps our logistics departments advised of products stored at their warehouses, and they always meet or exceed their commitments. AEM is becoming an excellent strategic partner.”

David McAusland
Operation & Purchasing Administrator
Logical Choice Technologies

AEM recognizes that prototyping can play a critical role in ensuring that you receive precisely the product you need and expect, on budget and on time. AEM specialists provide product prototyping using SLR from 3D and 2D solid modeling programs as part of the design and contract manufacturing process.

AEM can provide prototyping at several levels and at various stages of the process.

  • When your project requires new tooling, we develop a T1 prototype after the tooling is developed.
  • If tooling modifications are needed, we develop a T2 prototype after the tooling changes are made. Ideally, the T2 prototype is approved and the project goes into production.
  • We complete a small production run to validate the process before the project is released to general production.

In cases where no new tooling is needed, with a production purchase order we provide prototypes automatically and at no additional charge.

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